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Wild Hearts  

by EA Electronic Arts PS5

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Age 12+

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Wild Hearts for PS5


Experience the wildest adventure of your life with WILD HEARTS™ on PS5! Enjoy dangerous stunts and intense action with this thrilling hoverboard game. Race around tracks, performing stunts and tricks for an unforgettable experience. In addition, compete against your friends and challenge the world's best players in an exciting open world featuring stunning graphics and visuals. This game is packed with hours of content and challenging obstacles — perfect for an adrenaline-filled and intense experience.


What is Wild Hearts PS5 all about?


WILD HEARTS™ invites you to join an exciting co-op adventure with your friends where you battle powerful monsters and unlock exotic rewards. The Kemono's surprise attack on Azuma overwhelmed the land thanks to the Kemono's immense strength, rendering Azuma powerless. Find hope through advanced weaponry and Karakuri, a game-changing technology that could bring victory.


How to play Wild Hearts PS5


The battle takes place in a world of fantasy, based on the feudal times of Japan, and has plenty of action-packed adventures for everyone.

  • Hunt giant nature-infused beasts - Kemono are mighty, having evolved powerful abilities to alter their surroundings. It is a daunting task for mortals to stand against them. Can they prevail? It'll take brave, smart decisions and specialized abilit+A1ies. Utilize the power of Karakuri and weapons to outwit them.
  • Craft your hunting grounds - Ancient Karakuri technology provides an edge in Azuma, allowing users to gain a competitive advantage for hunting and battling. Prepare the necessary materials to build Karakuri for successful exploration and combat.
  • Hunt in a pack, or be a lone wolf - WILD HEARTS™ is an immersive gaming experience that enables players to collaborate on special missions, providing a more enjoyable and successful hunting experience.
  • Gear up to hunt, hunt to gear up - Hunting is necessary to progress in the game. It provides resources to craft special armour and weapons for taking on bigger creatures. Equip yourself with various weapons to find the best play style and customise your gear with enemy drops for a unique experience. As you progress, more powerful gear becomes available, but of course, the monsters get stronger too!
  • Explore a medieval fantasy Japan - Discover four unique regions with breathtaking natural wonders, such as a waterfall island, an ancient fortress, and a castle. Hunting in the Kemono realm is perilous, but it yields great rewards for those brave enough to take on the challenge.

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