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1/24/2017 5:04:16 AM

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call  

by Square Enix

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Feel the beat in THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL™, a rhythm-action game combining FINAL FANTASY music with RPG elements on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS! This sequel to THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY expands on the original in every way, with over three times as many songs and twice as many playable characters as its predecessor.

First off, you’ll need to select a party of heroes from over 60 characters across the series. On this outing, Barret (FINAL FANTASY VII) and Yuna (FINAL FANTASY X-2) join your rhythmic roster, and you can choose folk from spin-off series, like Benjamin (FINAL FANTASY MYSTIC QUEST), Ramza (FINAL FANTASY TACTICS) and Zack (CRISIS CORE® -FINAL FANTASY VII-). Once you’ve set your team, it’s time to put your rhythm to the test!

THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL will see you tap, touch and slide your stylus on the Touch Screen along to the music, or triumph over the tempo using the buttons if you prefer. Master 221 tracks from the entire FINAL FANTASY catalogue, including all those from the THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY plus new tracks from FINAL FANTASY VII: Advent Children® and LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY XIII, among many others.

Aim for perfect timing during each majestic musical piece to be rewarded with useful item drops, dole out devastating damage or enjoy extended versions of beloved tracks – and, of course, net loads of experience points! Perform well to level-up your team quickly and, by spending CollectaCards you’ll earn for clearing songs and winning battles, improve your character’s stats in the Collecta Crystarium. There are various stats to tweak and abilities to set, so you can set up your adventuring party exactly how you want it to be.

The Field Music Stages, Battle Music Stages and Event Music Stages of the previous title return, letting you experience key environments, combat sequences, and set-pieces from all the big games as you groove your way to victory. The new Versus Battle Mode lets you challenge your friends and other players in head-to-head showdowns via Local Play or online through Nintendo Network. Plus, the brand new Quest Medley Mode lets you choose your own path through Chaos Maps of varying difficulty, playing a new song at every stop on the map, before engaging in epic boss battles. You can also swap completed Chaos Maps in Versus Mode, attach them to your profile card to share with other players via StreetPass, or simply use StreetPass to show off your character to the world!

Limber up and stretch your fingers for musical magnificence in THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.

  • Relive musical memories of FINAL FANTASY in a rhythm extravaganza featuring 221 songs and 60 beloved characters.
  • Choose your path and keep the beat through memorable environments, battles and set-pieces.
  • Try out two totally new modes: Quest Medley and Versus Battle.
  • Customise your party, upgrade your stats and show off your characters using StreetPass.

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