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14/12/2017 10:28:53


by Nintendo

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Discover the tiny world of the Pikmin, where help is just a whistle blow away! In Hey! PIKMIN, a charming side-scrolling adventure game only on Nintendo 3DS family systems, explore an unknown planet in search of precious resources. Call upon the peculiar plant-like creatures known as Pikmin to overcome challenging obstacles, defeat dangerous enemies, and help the shipwrecked Captain Olimar return home!

  • Happy little helpers

Captain Olimar needs to collect a whopping 30,000 Sparklium Seeds to repair his trusty ship, but he won’t be able to do it alone. Thankfully, the plucky little Pikmin are more than willing to pitch in!
No task is too great for these wonderfully brave creatures. Just tap on the Touch Screen in the direction you’d like to throw them – don’t worry, they don’t mind! – and watch as your colourful new friends get to work right away! The action unfolds on both the upper and lower screens, making enemies, and the fascinating world they inhabit, appear larger-than-life.

  • Meet the Pikmin

Each type of Pikmin has their own special strengths and weaknesses. Some Pikmin can swim, others are immune to fire, and there are even Pikmin that can fly! You’ll have to think fast and pick the right Pikmin for the job if you want to win!
* Red Pikmin: Red Pikmin can handle themselves in a scrap. They’re also resistant to fire.
* Blue Pikmin: Blue Pikmin love to get wet. They can swim and breathe underwater.
* Yellow Pikmin: These yellow fellows like electricity. They can be thrown higher than other Pikmin, too.
* Rock Pikmin: Rock Pikmin are as hard as stone and can’t be squished. Fling them at anything you want to break.
* Winged Pikmin: These pretty little creatures can fly. They can also lift obstacles out of the way.

  • Park life

Any Pikmin that you successfully guide to the end of a level will be sent to the Pikmin Park, where they can search for more Sparklium Seeds and treasure! The more types of Pikmin you return to the Pikmin Park, the more Sparklium seeds your collection of cute critters will begin to uncover. Just look at them go!

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