Trust offers a wide range of accessories for both the gamer and the content creator. Gaming headsets, mice and keyboards, and everything you need to start streaming, like webcams and microphones. Are you a console or pc gamer? Are you a content creator? Come join the Trust family and #ShareTheFun.


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Trust GXT 711 Dominus Gaming Desk

The road to victory needs a solid foundation. Like the Trust Dominus; a high-quality gaming desk with a steel frame, space for your headset, an integrated cable-management system and enough room for two screens. It even comes with a cupholder!

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Trust GXT 258 Fyru USB 4-in-1 Streaming Microphone

The multi-functional mic for all creators and gamers, the Fyru is a microphone with 4 different recording patterns and it works on the PC and PlayStation 4/5. Use it for streaming, content creation, recording music and podcasts, and online gaming.

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Trust GXT 620 Axon RGB Soundbar

A space-saving design with room-filling audio. This gaming soundbar fits underneath your monitor and puts you right in the blast zone. Its large control knob lets you adjust the volume, without taking your eyes of screen. And of course, it has RGB!

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Soundbar Trust - GXT620 RGB Axon